Our Story

Caribou Mountain Propane is more than home heating.  It is a partnership that represents opportunity and energy security for the communities we service.  Our story is one we are very proud to share.

It all began in fall of 2019, when CanGas Propane was invited by LRRCN to tour the Fox Lake, Garden River, and John D’or Prairie communities.  Both parties understood and acknowledged the challenges these remote communities face in accessing reliable energy supply.  Together both parties envisioned a new, unique, and exciting way to serve these communities to the fullest.  

An idea was born, and we got hard to work on setting up shop.  In December of 2020, we proudly announced that Caribou Mountain Propane was officially open for business. 

The effect of this for our community is great, and gives way to new employment opportunities, growth, and expansion to other service areas, while paving way to energy security and fair pricing within our own community.

We couldn’t be more grateful to serve you


Your Caribou Mountain Propane Team.

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